Watch a dog watch his stuffed bear tumble dry. Yes, seriously

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Dog loves bear.

Dog sullies bear.

Dog watches bear drip dry clean.

Twitter user Jacqueline Estey posted a mesmerizing video of her dog watching his stuffie tumble dry. The internet is nothing short of entranced. Her 10-second video now has 8 million views.

“My dog has a stuffed bear that he always hangs out with and he sat in front of the dryer the whole cycle just to make sure he would be okay,” she wrote.

(Spoiler alert: The bear will be just fine.)

There were a few anxious moments post-cleaning.

But don’t worry, everything is fine now.

And now everyone is posting photos of their pets with their preferred toys.

Or, watching appliances on action.

Twitter at its finest.

Photo @jacquelineestey/Twitter

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