Wednesday Zen Moment: Grizzly bear takes my way, not the highway

Visitors to British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park recently spotted an unusual roadside attraction: a grizzly causally walking along a traffic barricade.

“This grizzly bear is choosing the path of least resistance at a narrow spot near Sinclair Canyon,” the national park posted on its Facebook page yesterday. “Walking on top of the Jersey barrier gives the bear (and motorists!) quite a view.”

The park, tucked in the province’s mountainous interior, is popular among tourists who often stop along main roadways to snap photos of hungry or passing wildlife. In fact, the park just lifted a ban on stopping along a busy 11-kilometre stretch of Highway 93 around Sinclair Canyon, which gave bears room to feed on grass and dandelions in springtime.

Ryan Tamelin, who took the gorgeous bear photo, was in a moving vehicle and didn’t crowd the bear, the park said.

Honestly, could anything be more Canadian in summer?


Photo Ryan Tamelin

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