Wednesday Zen Moment: When butterflies completely engulf a photographer

For the past 35 years, photographer Robert Campbell has been shooting the world around us.

The artist meticulously documents people and places, and in this case, unexpectedly, himself.

And, a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Campbell posted this video from a morning session on Bokor Mountain in Kampot, Cambodia, where he is working on a documentary about emerging artists thriving with the help of Open Studio Kampot,

“These gorgeous butterflies covered me from head to toe as I sat for an hour on the edge of the steep forested escarpment sloping down to the sea,” he wrote on Instagram.

Heaven on earth.

The video is mesmerizing.

Butterfly Conservation called it “paradise” and explained the butterflies were “likely extracting vital salts from perspiration on his hands.”

Just like Campbell, you can’t help, but laugh.

Photo Robert Campbell/Instagram

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