Wildlife officers untangle elk from tricky situation on Vancouver Island

A wild elk had become so hopelessly trapped in a hammock and swing on Vancouver Island this week, it needed human help to be freed.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says it was called to the community of Youbou on the north shore of Cowichan Lake where they found the forlorn animal with its antlers tangled and tied.

“Conservation officers were able to safely free this #Youbou elk, which found itself tangled up in a hammock and swing, which was attached to a tree,” the service said.

Wildlife officers had to sedate the powerful creature before they could go to work.

The elk was pretty hopelessly tangled. Photo: BCCOS/Twitter

But eventually the elk was cut loose.

Though it might have been a little bit groggy.

One happy elk. Photo: BCCOS/Twitter

The Conservation Officer Service also said the incident should serve as a warning for other homeowners.

“A reminder that hammocks, netting and other items on your property can pose hazards to wildlife,” it said.

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