9 cows killed after eating garden waste dumped in farmer’s field

Garden waste that was illegally dumped into the fields of a family farm business in the UK has killed cows and cattle who died after eating the trimmings.

The yew trimmings were tossed over the fence of the Newlyns Farm Shop, Café & Cookery School in Hampshire’s countryside. The farm has been in the family for four generations. 

The five dead cows and four dead calves were found early in the morning last week in one of the farm’s fields. Cows cannot consume yew trimmings. 

“Please share this with your friends to highlight the dangers of disposing garden waste in to fields,” said a post on the farm’s Facebook page.

Farmers fields are not a dumping ground.

The Newlyns Farm Shop, Café and Cookery school is based on site, where they operate a 500 acre traditional mixed farm producing beef cattle, outdoor pigs, and sheep as well as growing cereal crops.


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