Abused, neglected puppies in Kentucky have a long road to recovery

Just as you wonder how people can be so cruel, you’re reminded about the kindness of others.

These two severely neglected puppies arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society over the weekend. They were removed from “horrific living conditions,” according to the Louisville-based facility. The pups are underweight. Their skin is raw and bloody from mange. They aren’t used to be around people and are, as the shelter put it, “extremely fearful.”

They are now being treated for demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, skin and eye infections as well as a variety of worms. Because they have so many health woes, they’re exhausted and sleeping most of the time.

“These puppies will take a lot of TLC to save them from horror they have been through,” the facility posted on Facebook. “…They will need months of TLC and many resources to heal.”


There’s been an outpouring of support from animal lovers. And, the no-kill shelter hopes that people will help with donations so the pair can be nursed back to health.  But there’s no reason to be discouraged. In fact, the non-profit is casting about for names for the wee things.

“They are very shy, so the shelter is still a little scary for them, but they have had their first treatment for mange and are eating well. We are cautiously optimistic,” the shelter said.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on their recovery.

Photos Kentucky Humane Society/Facebook


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