Animal shelter waives fees to reunite owner with dog; animal lovers shower facility with donations

For almost two weeks, Glock bided his time at Santa Rosa County Animal Services.

How he ended up at the shelter isn’t exactly clear, but how the “sweet deaf pup” was reunited with his owner is now known around the world.

That after Jessica Jade, operations manager of the facility, recounted the heartwarming reunion story in a Sept. 21 Facebook post.

“Today a woman walks in the door holding some vet records; she is crying as she walks in. She says, through her sobs, ‘Can I please have my dog? I don’t have any money to get him out,'” Jade wrote.

She asked for more information as the woman begged for her dog; explaining her financial plight.

“I tell her, ‘it’s okay, we got you. You’re getting your dog back.’ After processing some paperwork, we bring Glock back to her. He was jumping and prancing he was so happy to see her, and she was crying and hugging him. Their love and bond are deep,” Jade continued in a post, which has been viewed and shared tens of thousands of time.

The shelter gave the woman some dog food and a voucher to get Glock neutered. And when they learned she had some kittens at home, she was given vouchers for them, too.

“Glock wasn’t a dog who needed rescue; he was a dog who needed to go back to the loving home he already had,” Jade wrote. “…I’m proud of Santa Rosa County Animal Services for being progressive, and ensuring positive outcomes as they understand the grand picture of lifesaving.”

She also made a case to do away with “inflexible redemption fees” and policies that prevent these types of reunions.

This is Glock. This sweet deaf pup was at the shelter for almost two weeks. Today a woman walks in the door holding some…

Posted by Jessica Jade on Monday, September 21, 2020

And there’s a cherry on top of this sweet story.

People were so touched by the effort to get Glock back where he belongs, they continued to pay-it-forward. This week, the shelter was deluged with packages from Amazon — items on its donations wish list.

“This. Is. Amazing,” the facility posted on Facebook, along with a photo of stacks of boxes.

“We are speechless.🙀 Can we just say how much we LOVE you guys? We made a post last week about how we were very low on supplies… and our paw-some community came through! And this is just our Monday morning shipment.”

This. Is. Amazing.💛 We are speechless.🙀 Can we just say how much we LOVE you guys? We made a post last week about how…

Posted by Santa Rosa County Animal Services on Monday, September 28, 2020

Jade was blown away by all the attention, but is glad it has reached so many.

“I hope this story will help other shelters consider doing the same if they aren’t already,” she updated this week, noting the flood of donations.

“I speak for all of us at the shelter when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I didn’t post with the intent to ask for donations; I, and the rest of us at the shelter are humbled by your generosity and big hearts🙏🏻 Thank you for sharing this story, I hope it helps others understand that not all dogs and cats need to be rescued, they just need to go back home. Here’s to keeping families together!”

Donations are still being accepted and here’s the shelter’s Amazon wish list.

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