B.C. Mounties save baby raccoon from drowning in storm drain

It was around 1 in the morning Tuesday when RCMP officers were sent to check out a report of a “baby crying” just outside Vancouver.

Instead of a human baby, Mounties in White Rock found a baby raccoon in a terrible predicament. The tiny trash panda was trapped.

“White Rock RCMP located a baby racoon crying loudly in a storm drain and its mother unable to get him out,” police said in a statement Thursday.

But quick thinking saved the helpless pair.

“RCMP officers removed the drain cover and used a dog pole to help remove the baby,” Cst. Chantal Sears explained. “The unhappy/worried mother looked on, voicing her displeasure at times until her baby was free.”

The pair was last seen scurrying away together down a nearby street.

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