Baby rhino goes slip, sliding away in mud bath at Cincinnati Zoo

Ajani Joe really knows how to make the most of a rainy day.

The baby rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo was filmed frolicking in the mud.

“Ajanie Joe had the rainy day zoomies!” the zoo posted on social media.

But it’s fun with a purpose.

“Mud protects rhino skin from the sun and insects,” the zoo explained.

Ajani Joe is an eastern black rhino. He was born on Aug. 21 at the facility — one of very few left in the world.

“Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered and have such a long gestation that every calf born is incredibly important for the population,” the Cincinnati Zoo’s curator of mammals Christina Gorsuch said in a statement. “This calf is the first black rhino calf born this year in North America and only the eighth of its kind born in the last three years in North America.”

Ajani Joe’s keepers describe him as spunky, curious and with loads of confidence, according to the zoo.

And just like most toddlers, Ajani Joe loves splashing in puddles.

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