Body of dead bear cub found in NYC’s Central Park

Florence Slatkin and her friend were walking through Central Park in NYC as they always do every morning with their dogs when they spotted something unusual.

Turned out to be a three foot tall black bear cub.

The female cub was about six months old and investigators believe the bear was dumped in the park in a deliberate act of cruelty.

The bear had stab wounds over its body. Other reports indicated there were signs of trauma. And in case you were wondering, black bears are not native to New York City.

Disturbingly, it appears that whoever left the bear in the park, along an area popular among cyclists and runners along West Drive, propped the body up.

Slatkin said she and her friend noticed something furry amongst the greenery and saw a bicycle.

The bicycle was under the bushes. When we looked closer, we could see something just laying on the back wheel.

The bear’s body was removed and a necropsy is taking place to determine how the bear died.

There remains the possibility, according to at least one report, that the bear may have been part of an occult ritual.

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