California firefighters rescue three bear cubs trapped in dumpster

Three little bear cubs really couldn’t find a better spot to be saved.

Last Saturday night, the bears clamoured into a dumpster looking for a tasty meal. The hunt for a midnight snack was probably going well until the bin tipped over, but the trio just happened to be trapped outside a California fire station.

Fire crews woke to the sound of the tumbling trash container, and soon as they could, the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection Unit leapt into action.

“When daylight came, an agitated momma bear could be seen watching over the bin,” the department posted on Facebook. “With the help of our firefighters, watch who escaped.”

One by one, the bears poked their heads out and took off. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection Unit/Facebook

Captain Michael Trevino filmed the entire operation. Engineer Patrick Walsh made sure the mother bear stayed safely at a distance. And, firefighter-paramedic Ed Martin slowly lifted the lid.

And rightfully posed for a photo or two along the way.

Get along, little cubs.

Photos Truckee Meadows Fire Protection Unit/Facebook

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