Comedian Ricky Gervais donates a whopping £1.9 million to animal charities

Comedian — and animal rights advocate — Ricky Gervais has donated £1.9 million ($3.2-million Canadian) to various charities dedicated to supporting and protecting animals.

The award-winning actor, known for shows such as The Office and After Life, picked 11 organizations to split the money, much of which has come from ticket sales to his Armageddon world tour.

The recipients include: All Dogs Matter, Animal SOS Sri Lanka, Catastrophes Cat Rescue, Chaldon Animal Sanctuary, Dogs On The Streets, Helping Rhinos, Millions of Friends, Mira Dogs, Paws2Rescue, PDSA and Wild Futures. 

“I hope the dogs, cats, rhinos and monkeys invest this money wisely, because when my career goes tits up I’ll need it back,” he said of the donations.

Paws2Rescue UK posted on X: “A huge thank you from all the stray dogs in Romania to their hero, our amazing patron @rickygervais. We are so honoured, proud and over the moon to be a recipient of Ricky’s incredible donation of almost £2 million to charities, from his Armageddon tour.”

Helping Rhinos was also over the moon, posting, “Ricky has been a vocal and passionate advocate for animals around the world for many years and we are honoured to receive this support.”

Dogs on the Streets wrote the donation couldn’t come at a better time. “Have had my head in my hands of late thinking how are going to cover all our costs and expenses that are increasing weekly. Today a Christmas wish came true to help us.”

Gervais has been selling premium tickets with premium prices to his shows for years with the difference going to charity. 

“This way people willing to pay higher prices will at least know it’s going to charity instead of some scummy tout,” he said previously explained.

With this latest announcement he posted to Instagram: “Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to my #Armageddon show. Best fans in the world ❤️”

It also comes ahead of the launch of Armageddon on Netflix, which streams globally on Christmas Day.

“Thanks for always supporting the animal welfare stuff I bother you with. I know it sometimes seems like a hopeless cause but I assure you it really makes a difference.” Photo: Ricky Gervais/Facebook

Main photo: Ricky Gervais/X

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