Conservationist attacked by own tigers and seriously injured

A California wildlife conservationist who was attacked by several of her own tigers at a fundraising event has no plans to stop what she is doing, according to her lawyer.

Michael Bradbury, the attorney for the Wildlife Environmental Conservation sanctuary based in Moorpark, California, told various news outlet that Patty Perry, founder of the organization, was injured Saturday.

“They began to play with her and the Bengal took both paws and wrapped them around her legs, the conservation’s attorney, Michael Bradbury said. “She fell on the ground and another tiger jumped on her and began to pull on her before they got her out and she got some lacerations.”

Perry told others that she doesn’t believe that the tigers intended to harm her, KABC reported.

“A lot of people I’m sure that saw it were horrified thinking the worst. She said it was obvious they were playing with her because they do love her. She raised them from babies,” Bradbury said.

Perry was brought with lacerations to her head and shoulder to Los Robles Health System in Thousand Oaks, the Ventura County Star reported.

Bradbury said the founder is heartbroken over the episode and plans to return to the tigers when she’s released from the hospital.

“She hopes to get back to it soon,” Bradbury told the newspaper.

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