Cougar accidentally caught in trap safely rescued and released

This is one lucky cougar.

The big cat wound up “unintentionally caught in a trap” near Williams Lake, B.C. on Monday night. The cage-type trap was set by a hunter for other species.

“The young female cougar – which was not injured – was safely tranquilized and taken a short distance away,” The B.C. Conservation Officer Service posted on social media Tuesday.

Conservation officer Ron Leblanc told the Williams Lake Tribune the cougar was probably 18 to 20 months old.

“There was nothing wrong with her, but she is around that age when they get booted out by their mom and have to fend for themselves,” he told the newspaper.

Officials made sure the cougar was tip top.

They stayed on scene until the animal woke up, shook off the effects of the tranquilizer, and watched it walk away.

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