Cow shows off new calf born in a storm and announced with a rainbow

The miracle of birth is an incredible thing, and one farmer recently witnessed just how special it can be when a calf on her farm was “born in a storm but announced with a rainbow.”

In a video posted to TikTok by BreeAnne Clowdus she explained that she missed the birth of the calf due to a storm. However, when she finally arrived, Milkshake the Jersey cow ran towards Clowdus to show her the new calf. Shortly afterwards the whole field was framed by a stunning rainbow.

The Good Place farm is run by Clowdus who calls herself a Gen Xer farming in Converse.

“The first farm birth I’ve ever missed but I rushed home quick as I could in the midst of a terrible storm but when Milkshake saw me she started running to show me her baby of course I was a squealing mess,” read the accompanying text.

“The storm was bad,” Clowdus told Newsweek. “We had a ton of trees downed in my area blocking roads and power was out. We are a 15-acre animal sanctuary and homestead with 70-plus animals including pigs, goats, miniature donkeys, horses, cows, and sheep

“The miracles I’ve seen on this farm…,” continued the caption, “not the least of which is a baby calf born in a storm but announced with a rainbow…oh my heart is God so good to us.”

The new calf has been named, Rainbow, or Bo for short, Clowdus revealed.

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