Curious bobcat family checks out tortoise burrow in Florida

The Archbold Biological Station monitors all sorts of wildlife in the Everglades in south central Florida.

But motion sensor cameras recently zeroed in on a Gopher Tortoise burrow captured the charming comings and goings of bobcat family. Two baby bobcats check out the entrance and so does an older  bobcat.


The video, which was recorded by Nicole White, a researcher who is authorized under a scientific collecting permit from the state of Florida, to film and handle the Gopher Tortoise.


Her research is supported of the University of Georgia, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, and the Disney Conservation Fund.


Earlier this year, White also captured this fascinating look at a bobcat on the prowl. Be sure to wait for the impressive leap.

“A motion sensor research camera monitoring female Gopher Tortoise #256 captures a Bobcat hunting near the burrow entrance at Archbold. The Bobcat seems very interested in something but who knows what that might be. Bobcats have been reportedly visiting quite a few burrows lately. Watch the entire clip for an impressive demonstration of Bobcat hunting prowess!”

Photos Archbold Biological Station/Facebook

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