David Cameron’s private part, the dead pig and the story that won’t die

Call us squeamish, but this story that has been circulated and danced around by other media outlets have us here at Critter Files just a tad uneasy.

It has its own hashtag #piggate and to have to tell the story about what exactly #piggate is requires the backstory.

A new biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron by an old foe name Lord Ashcroft alleges that Cameron was “once engaged in a bizarre ritual with a dead pig,” according to the Guardian. 

Ah heck, we’ll just lay it all out. The biography, citing unnamed sources, claims the PM stuck his penis into the mouth of a dead pig brought in for some kind of hazing event.

Still from the Guardian:

So what’s the truth? Only the prime minister and the porker know for sure, and neither have commented to date. But, in their place, we have a host of unofficial denials from “party sources” or “friends of Cameron”, and some well-informed scepticism from his Oxford contemporary Toby Young.

The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was questioned for his response in the New Statesmen.

But to the political story of the week ­– the allegation that David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth – Corbyn has “absolutely no response at all.”

The New York Times headlined the story with this: The Prime Minister Did What With a Pig’s Head? It then goes on to describe the difference between the way Americans and the British are reacting to the story.

Among my American friends, the chief reaction to the vengeful billionaire’s rumor-mongering seems to be bewildered disgust. Surely no one would take their pleasure in such an unpleasant, unhygienic way? Everyone knows the dangers of handling raw pork.

In British circles, as is so often the case, the question of jouissance is secondary to that of class. The lurid story carries weight, not merely because it is embarrassing to a powerful politician, but because it speaks to inherited privilege and entitlement.”

Won’t anyone speak up for the pig?

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