Dog abandoned in crate with “heartbreaking” note: “My owner is struggling to look after me.”

As the inflation crisis continues to hit families hard, the RSPCA is witnessing it first hand with pets.

The UK-based animal welfare group is now sharing a gut-wrenching story of a dog named Rudy, which was abandoned in Oxfordshire on May 4.

Rudy was left in a crate with a “heartbreaking” note. Photo RSPCA/Twitter

“Rudy the Spaniel was discovered by the side of a road in a broken cage in Oxfordshire with a heartbreaking note,” the RSCPA said in a social media post Sunday.

“Please feed and look after me. My owner is struggling to look after me,” it read.

Rudy was left with this note. Photo: RSPCA/Twitter

A good Samaritan called the group for help after discovering him and another dog, but that second dog somehow took off and has not been located.

A vet exam later revealed that Rudy has a leg deformity, according to the RSPCA.

Rudy has a leg deformity. Photo: RSCPA/Twitter

It’s unclear if the dogs were someone’s pets or belonged to a breeder.

But what is clear is an alarming trend amid sky-high inflation that is making it hard for families to even feed and house themselves.

” We received 1,508 reports about animal abandonments in April alone,” the RSPCA said. “If you’re struggling to look after your pets, there is help available:”

In it, the RSPCA offers advice on everything from pet-food banks, vet bills, how to make your own treats, avoiding pet-sitting costs, tips on pet insurance and creating your own toys and games.

After all, no family wants to give up their pets.

Rudy was abandoned May 4. Photo: RSPCA/Twitter

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