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March 10, 2020, No comments

A senior dog whose lolling tongue made her an Internet celebrity has died of old age at the age of 18. Marnie had 1.8 million followers on Instagram and became […]

Rescue dog Kratu “rocked Crufts” by being truly terrible at agility

March 9, 2020, No comments

Stick-stealing, rule-breaking rescue dog Kratu won over the crowds at the Crufts dog show. While other dogs went through the paces of the agility cour ...

Great horned owl rescued from California wildfires finally set free

February 27, 2020, No comments

After more than three months in rehab, Ram the owl is back home in the wild. The great horned owl was saved by firefighters last November from the Mar ...

Starving dog found in cellar of abandoned house in Alberta

February 19, 2020, No comments

Exactly how and when it got there isn’t clear, but one thing is certain:¬† This is one very lucky dog. Mounties and animal welfare workers helpe ...