Dog Diplomacy: North Korea’s gift of dogs results in litter of puppies in South Korea

They were presented as dogs of peace, not war.

And now, one of the two Pungsan hunting dogs North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un sent to South Korean leader Moon Jae-in in a bid to build good relations, has given birth to a litter of six puppies.

South Korea just released pictures of the peace pups, which were born to a pooch named Gomi earlier this month.

The three male and three female puppies were pictured frolicking with President Moon and his wife, Kim Jung-sook.

“Pres. Moon and FL Kim are taking care of mom Gomi and the puppies at the courtyard of the residence,” the president’s office posted on Twitter.

“Gomi and the six puppies born on Nov. 9 are all very healthy,” the official Blue House Twitter feed posted.

They are all so squee.

Because who doesn’t love puppies.

But this is also about serious international relations.

President Moon tweeting soon after the puppies born that Gomi must have arrived in his country pregnant, and the gift of the two dogs has now grown by six.

“It is fortunate to have added six to two gifts,” he wrote. “I hope this is the case for inter-Korean relations.”

The Pungsan puppies born in South Korea. The Blue House/Twitter

Photos The Blue House KR/Twitter

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