Lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) tear into jeans

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You can look good in beat up jeans. But you’ll feel great knowing that your jeans amused lions and tigers and bears.

Zoo Jeans based in Japan has come up with a novel way of getting that beat up, mauled, trashed look for denim. Workers wrap denim around tires, logs and balls.

The material-wrapped toys for big zoo animals are then thrown into enclosures.

Let er rip! The zoo animals tangle with their denim-clad toys wreaking as much havoc as they can and the material is then sewn into jeans.

The animals get environmental enrichment out of playing with their toys. As anyone with puppies and kittens understand, critters love having objects they can totally destroy.

The company, The Mineko Club, which is selling the couture jeans, gets free work out of the animals and it’s doing good work too. The club is made up of a group of Kamine Zoo supporters.

Profits from the sale of the jeans at a special online auction will go to renovations at the zoo and to the World Wildlife Fund.

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