Dogs in wheelchairs are awesome at fetch

Gritta Goetz is our hero.

The animal shelter worker from Lanzenhainer, Germany has made it her life mission to give dogs that have been injured the best chance they can in life. dogwheelchairs2


One of the 12 dogs she’s adopted was Rina who suffered incredible physical and emotional abuse. Her previous owner in Bulgaria used Rina for target practice.

20 projectiles had to be surgically removed from her two. TWo remain stuck in her spinal cord.

For a whole year, Rina couldn’t bear to leave her kennel because of fear of humans.

But finally, she emerged and was outfitted with a wheelchair.  Rina

Eight of the dogs Goetz adopted are confined to wheelchairs. But don’t feel sorry for them. The ones in the wheelchairs are the toughest when it comes to playing fetch.

They are fast enough to get it. And the smallest paralysed dog is the one who can protect the stick against everybody. If she gets it, even the leader has no chance any more.”

h/t: Belfast Telegraph

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