Escaped bison on the lam in northern Alberta

Call it a case of where the buffalo roam.

On Tuesday night, a small herd of bison escaped a trailer passing through the village of Hythe, in northwestern Alberta.

“The owner of the bison had been parked at the Husky gas station in Hythe when the livestock worked loose the side door of the trailer,” Beaverlodge RCMP said in a statement. “All 15 bison exited the trailer and dispersed in the area.”

Mounties asked drivers — and pedestrians — to steer clear of the huge animals.

Then the animals were found wandering the streets of Hythe.

“RCMP and others are assisting with this situation,” the Hythe Fire Department posted on social media. “Please take caution and do not approach the bison.”

The fire department issued an alert, but left the case to the experts.

“Since they are not on fire, were letting the RCMP handle this one, they are the Cowboys around here,” officials posted on Facebook.

The bison really made themselves at home, as evidenced by Jeanette Parry’s Facebook photos to the fire department’s post.

“That was super cool to see!!” Parry wrote.

Where the buffalo roam? Hythe, apparently. Jeanette Parry/Facebook

By Wednesday morning, Tanya Evans said they made their way her sister’s house outside Valhalla.

And indeed, that’s where they were, even holding up the school bus.

“Talk about excitement,” Kelly-Ann Burgess posted on Facebook. “Poor dog was being lazy on the deck and just looked so confused when they just casually strolled up to the deck and checked him out. lol.”

The Hythe Regional School alerted parents to the hubbub.

“We want to make parents and students aware that there were a number of bison running loose in Hythe this evening. Please be cautious if you are walking to school in the morning. We will be having inside recess until we hear that it is safe for students to be outside,” the school warned.

By late Wednesday, it appeared at least some of the animals were still on the run.

Main Photo Hythe Fire Department/Facebook

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