Escaped zebra strolls and saunters down Seoul’s streets as onlookers stop

A zebra named Sero who escaped from a children’s park in Seoul , South Korea spent hours wandering the streets before getting captured and tranquilized.

The young male, who was born in 2021, went on an adventure through the busy streets of Seoul.

He was seen galloping through the street surrounded by commercial buildings as pedestrians gasped and took videos.

Sero was in stable condition and being examined by veterinarians on Thursday evening. He escaped around 2:50 p.m. earlier that day and was out for hours by himself.

Police and emergency workers managed to corner the zebra after it entered a narrow alleyway between houses. Sero was shot with tranquilizers and taken back to Children’s Grand Park.

It’s believed that Sero destroyed the wooden fencing surrounding its pen and strolled away.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.

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