Family heartbroken after horse thief steals six horses from Alberta farm

An old-fashioned horse wrangler has left a ranch family devastated.

Sometime during the night of Dec. 6 someone – or multiple people — drove onto a property in central Alberta along Highway 13 between Buck Lake and Winfield, according to RCMP.

Tire tracks show a truck and trailer was used in the heist to whisk away the six horses.

“These horses are like family to their owners,” RCMP Corporal Curtis Peters said in a statement. “They are devastated by this. It’s our hope that they can be returned safe and sound as soon as possible.”

Mounties are asking for the public’s help to locate the stolen horses.

Here are the missing animals.

Socorro: born in 2006, the all grey Hanoverian gelding stands 16.3 hh, has a Hanoverian brand on back left hip as well as scar on his back right leg.

Help find Socorro. RCMP handout.

Peppy: Born in 2001, the red dun quarter horse gelding has a white blaze on his face, stands 14.2 hh and has brand on his front left shoulder.

Help find Peppy. RCMP handout

Willard: Born in 2001, the read roan quarter horse gelding is 16hh, has brand on front left shoulder, a wide white blaze on his face as well as 3 white stockings on front right and both back legs.

Help find Willard. RCMP handout.

Zoro: Born in 2008, the bay quarter horse gelding is 14.2hh and has a scar on his back left leg.

Help find Zoro. RCMP handout.

Solstice: Born in 2009, the chestnut Hanoverian mare is 16hh, has four white socks as well as a half stripe and star on her face.

Help find Solstice. RCMP handout.

Buddy: Born in 2010, the all grey quarter horse gelding stands 15hh.

Help find Buddy. RCMP handout.

Anyone with information, please contact Breton RCMP at 780-696-3502. Anonymous tipsters can contact Crime Stoppers at 1.800.222.8477 or

Photos Breton RCMP

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