File Under Canada: Cop caught on camera with a bear in Northern Quebec

Police have a wild job.

But rarely is it quite this hairy.

“Recently, two of our agents made an unusual encounter at one of their patrols on route 167 in North-Quebec,” the Sûreté du Québec posted on Facebook.

A run-in with a black bear.

This is what happens when a black bear crosses the road. Sûreté du Québec/Facebook

The two SQ officers came upon one very curious black bear in the Ashuapmushuan Nature Reserve, about 500 kilometres north of Montreal.

It even jumped on the hood of their patrol car.

The animal didn’t scare away easily and even posed for a photo.

Better than a selfie: The rare bear portrait. Sûreté du Québec/Facebook

“An animal can cross your road at any time, be vigilant when you travel!” police reminded drivers.

And, the SQ offered tips for travellers.

  • Reduce your speed to have more time to react.
  • Scan both sides of the road and look ahead.
  • Keep the steering wheel steady.
  • Avoid sudden manoeuvres to bypass the animal.

Photos  Sûreté du Québec/Facebook

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