Firefighters rescue dog stuck in reclining couch

If you’ve ever wondered how many firefighters it takes to rescue a dog trapped in a reclining couch, the answer is at least five.

“We don’t rescue cats out of trees anymore… but we do occasionally rescue dogs out of reclining couches!” read a Facebook post shared Thursday morning by the Kamloops Fire Department.

On Wednesday evening, a Kamloops Fire crew was called out for assistance after a family’s dog got its head trapped in the reclining mechanism of a reclining couch.

“Really thankful for the Kamloops Fire Rescue team tonight,” read a message shared by the dog’s family and re-posted by KFD.

“My dog Bean managed to get her neck trapped underneath and between the reclining framework of our couch. She was trapped and (we) couldn’t move the couch without hurting her.”

The owner said she called the fire department and “within a few minutes, a team of them showed up and dismantled the couch to get her out.”

“They were really calm and really cared about Bean’s safety. We are very thankful for a great crew in this city.”

“If I need rescuing can these guys come?” wrote another user, along with a heart-eyes emoji.

“Omg firemen are the best!” wrote one Facebook user.

In response, another user wrote: “I was so trying to keep quiet lol thanks for stepping up first! How can I get y head stuck in the couch hahahaha is there a calendar I can buy?!?”

Others noted that the KFD went “above and beyond” for rescuing the pooch and ensuring the couch was put back together following the extraction.

Bean was not harmed in the ordeal and has since recovered.

Kamloops Fire Department was called out to assist in the extraction of a dog that became trapped in the mechanism of a reclining couch on Wednesday evening.

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