From ice baths to blood popsicles, see how zoo animals keep cool during a heat wave

We all have our techniques.

Fans. Air conditioning. Feet in buckets of cold water. Ice packs. Ice cream. A dunk in a pool or lake.

Anything to keep our cool during what seems like unrelenting summer heat wave.

Well, zookeepers have their own fair share of tricks to help prevent their animals from overheating.

“With the warm temperatures this weekend, our animal care teams provide our animals with plenty of enrichment to beat the heat – including popsicles, sprinklers, and ice treats,” the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington state explained. “The animals also have plenty of shaded areas, fresh water, misters, and pools throughout their habitats.”

They also have lots and lots of ice.

But otter Libby just wants a tub of it moved a little.

The otters in San Antonio are no different. They love their ice baths.

And, it’s the same story at the Calgary Zoo.

Here’s how the tigers are keeping cool at the Minnesota Zoo.

The elephants also love a cool bath at the Dallas Zoo and beyond.

Everybody loves a dip in the pool on a hot day.

Or, a spritz at a spray park.

Cool treats are also popular.

Those all sound delicious, but maybe not the “blood & spices popsicle” offered at the Brookfield Zoo to its tigers — at least not for us humans, anyway.

Cheers to keeping your cool during this extended heat wave casting over North America and Europe.

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