You gotta love a cat name Oopsy. See the before and after pics of her rescue

All you need is love and a bit of humanity to help critters in need.

The Victoria Humane Society, after its first of operations, has put together a video of the work they’ve been doing.

It’s amazing to see how critters recover with a bit of love.

The humane society is particularly needed in remote locations like in Logan Lake, British Columbia where they rescued Mollie who was abandoned in a dump.

There’s also pictures of Willow before the eye surgery that she needed and afterwards as she bounces around looking pretty darned happy to be able to see what’s around her.

The society has helped over 400 animals in the last year and wants to do more. They’ve applied to get some additional resources but need help to get support for community funding. Check them out here



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Peg Fong is also in recovery from newspapers

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