Happy ending for Willow, the emaciated husky found at the side of the road

We had never seen a dog as emaciated as Willow before and the photos of her after she was first rescued were shockingly sad.

The Siberian husky was so malnourished when she was rescued by two Good Samaritans that she was eating gravel.

But after months of loving care from the Maple Ridge SPCA, Willow is a whole new dog.

She’s gained just over 9 kilograms bringing her to near her normal weight. She was found about 10 kilograms underweight when found. willow-b-c-spca

When her story was made public, it wasn’t clear whether Willow was deliberately abandoned or had run away. She was a friendly dog but the Maple Ridge SPCA didn’t know why no one would claim her.

Willow’s former owner has been identified as a Coquitlam resident and university student in his 20s.

The BC SPCA’s Cruelty Investigations Department recommended animal cruelty charges under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. No charges have been laid at this time and the man’s name has not been released.

A number of people wanted to adopt Willow, including the Good Samaritan who found her. But because of her physical problems and some other issues, the decision was made to find an experienced home for her, said  Faydra Nichols with the Maple Ridge SPCA.

“Because of her past, she has a number of behaviours that will need continued work by someone with breed experience. We were fortunate enough to find a family who has experience with this breed and they’re so happy to include Willow as a new, furry family member.




Photo credit: Maple Ridge SPCA

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