Herds of deer overrun Nara, Japan

Nara, a city in central Japan, has developed a reputation for attracting some unique visitors. Herds of deer have taken over city streets. Locals and tourists alike are quick to take photos and videos of the deer. But sometimes folks just breeze on by.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how the critters became so commonplace?

“The deer were once considered sacred messengers of the gods by devotees of the Shinto faith and killing them was a capital offence, but they are now classed as a national treasure,” according to the¬†Telegraph.

Here’s another look at the so-called bowing deer of Nara. “Supposedly close contact with people have given them human characteristics,” according to Ronin Dave, who posted this video to YouTube. “If you bow to them, the deer will bow back.”

Greg Patrick also captured footage of the deer of the town overrun with deer during a visit last month.

Photo Bluebells9999/YouTube

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