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June 2, 2020, No comments

As predictable as spring cleaning, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation has logged its first case of a “kidnapped” fawn this year. The Madden-based group said it admitted its first […]

Deer rescued from icy lake in British Columbia

January 21, 2020, No comments

Attacked by a coyote and then stranded on ice, this was certainly one lucky buck. The young mule deer was spotted on Skaha Lake in British Columbia ...

Two teens who videotaped themselves allegedly abusing a deer charged with animal cruelty

January 13, 2020, No comments

Two teens who were shown ripping off the deer’s antlers after they shot it, kicking its face and stepping on its legs while it was still alive ...

Deer found dead in Thai park with 15 pounds of plastic and garbage inside its stomach

November 28, 2019, No comments

Men’s underwear, instant coffee sachets, parts of plastic bags and plastic rope were found inside the stomach of a wild deer that died in a nati ...