Kyiv Zoo has some staff staying on to take care of animals who are suffering terrible stress from shelling

The Kyiv Zoo shared on its website that the animals at the zoo are safe — including Tony, the only zoo gorilla in Ukraine — and staff remain on the site to make sure the animals are receiving around-the-clock vet care

In a statement on its website, the CEO of Kyiv Zoo Kyrylo Trantin says the needs of the animals doesn’t stop even during the Russian invasion. About 50 people are on the site of the zoo even at night. the zoo is closed to visitors, but the care of the animals does not stop .

The war is causing terrible stress for the animals, so some of them have been moved to indoor enclosures and underground galleries. Veterinarians monitor their emotional state and, if necessary, provide a sedative.During the night battle, there were no direct hits on the territory of the zoo, the staff were in prepared bomb shelters.Every day we receive messages with words of support, very grateful to everyone! Kyiv Zoo is provided with energy, water, heat and food (approximately 10 days in advance). So at the moment there is no need for additional help.Especially in the coming days, it is the support of our defenders.Take care of yourself and Ukraine!

The zoo has posted recommendations on how to keep pets safe using guidance from the the zoo specialists. They have become experts on how to protect animals from stress during the bombardment.

Birds: In advance, remove from the cage, which can injure the bird. They have to be left with feeder, . During the flight, the cage should be moved to the quietest premises (room, toilet, bathroom, etc). Turn on the lights so the bird can see familiar objects and squats. Communicate with a bird with an ordinary calm voice. Don’t change a cage for animals! She needs a familiar setting, familiar smells.

🐍🦎Reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards) According to the circumstances when power outages are possible in settlements, heat, when it is difficult to replace or repair equipment, it is best to gradually transfer animals into winter. It’s a stop feeding, and after cleaning the intestine – a gradual reduction of temperature. Pre-carefully study from open sources relevant instructions regarding exactly your type of reptiles. The large number of reptiles will be able to spend a month in this condition without any consequences. And even two months almost without consequences.

🐕 Cats and dogs Communicate with animals. Keep in touch with tactical contact. In case your animal is stressed out, use veterinary sedative. If veterinary drugs are not available, you can use drugs from an ordinary pharmacy

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