Larry the cat outfoxes not-so-sly fox outside No10

Larry the cat may be the #1 mouser at 10 Downing Street, but the feisty feline recently took on a red fox and won.

Britain’s most famous cat was caught on video this week outside the prime minister’s residence telling a gamey red fox, in no uncertain terms, to “fox off.”

The chief mouser to the cabinet stalked, and then chased, the fox into some bushes under the cover of darkness.

Larry the cat is definitely king of this castle. Photo: Larry the Cat/Twitter

It was a stealth display by all accounts — mostly his own.

Larry was having none of the intrusion to his territory — even as the fox returned and tried to hide behind a lamppost. One steely glare and the fox was gone.

Bye-bye foxy. Photo: Larry the Cat/Twitter

But Larry did feel a little remorseful afterward.

“OK, I’m feeling guilty about chasing off foxy,” a post from his Twitter account announced. “Here’s some advice from my pals @RSPCA_official about how to look after foxes.”

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