Let sleeping dog on sidewalk lie, Comet the dog is really not dead

Comet the Dog is known in the east Vancouver, Canada neighbourhood where he likes to nap as the dog that’s not dead.

He’s just sleeping, really.

Comet, a 16-year-old mixed who was rescued from a bad situation in Prince George, British Columbia by owner Lisa Dyer.

Comet doesn’t like to be left alone so Dyer takes him to work with her and stays out front at Hymach Industries. His spot, at Quebec and Main Street.

The napping dog attracts a lot of attention because of his unusual sleeping position. He lies on his back, feet up.

He won’t move even when cyclists ring their bells and try to get him to wake up.

 “It’s constant. All day, every day,” said owner Lisa Dyer in an interview with CBC. “We always joke that he should have his own website, or a t-shirt on that says ‘I’m okay!

Sometimes Comet lies so still that passerbys sometimes call police or the SPCA to let them know there’s a dead dog on the sidewalk.

“He just feels like this is his corner and he’s good,” Hyer said. “This is just his spot, he’s happy and comfortable here, he’s been here all these years

h/t: Photo by Jodie Martinson, CBC 

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