Lion Whisperer hugs pal while wearing a Go Pro

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Kevin Richardson, aka the Lion Whisperer, is a self-taught animal behaviourist who got his start working with lions at a local lion park.

Since then, he’s become known as more than just a lion tamer. He’s presented and produced several documentaries about his relationship with the animals and the plight of lions both in captivity and in the wild. He’s even spun his talents into becoming a stunt double for movie scenes where a lion jumps on its victims.

A video of a man hugging a lion is much more preferable than this picture of some hardcore huntress posing next to the lion she shot.

And while this may go against CritterFiles philosophy that some animals shouldn’t be hugged. (Quit hugging sharks) we think the Lion Whisperer is showing to the public how these wild lions should be respected but have a spirit capable of forming bonds.

Photo credit: Lion Whisperer 

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One Comment on "Lion Whisperer hugs pal while wearing a Go Pro"

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