Slow moving beaver halts cars in West Vancouver, a truly Canadian traffic problem

West Vancouver is home to some of the wealthiest people in Canada but even if you’re driving a super duper fast and expensive car, it seems that nothing can overtake a slow moving beaver.

Earlier this week, morning traffic ground to a halt because of a beaver on the road, methodically and cautiously making its way across.

The unusual jaywalker had wandered out of its usual habitat near Ambleside Park and the Capilano-Xwemelch’stn Reserve where it hangs out with the ducks in the ponds.

During rush hour on Monday, West Vancouver police noticed pedestrians trying to help the beaver off the road after it was spotted heading to the Ambleside shopping district at 15th Street.

It was the job of many to do “beaver herding” as the beaver was safely shooed to nearby John Lawson Park.

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