Man high on LSD caught on forest cam convinced he is really a tiger

Hidden cameras in the jungle or forests can catch some pretty remarkable things. We’ve written about jaguar and cubs caught on video in Belize, western gorillas in Cameroon, merlin falcons on traffic camsĀ and bobcats leaping.

We’ve also written about the strange behaviours men exhibit, like saving a dog from an imaginary fire when they’re high on LSD.

Now from a forest in the Czech Republic, something we’ve never seen before and something the people monitoring the forest cams haven’t encountered. A man high on LSD frolicking in the woods after believing he was a Siberian tiger.

The man, identified only as Marek H from the Czech Republic, allegedly took the drug to try and treat his depression.

Pictures captured and released show the naked man standing on the street.

Other shots show the man running into the Polish forest, naked, and acting like a tiger,what he considered in his delusions, to be his “true personality.”

The 21-year-old from Liberec, in northern Czech Republic, told police he had taken LSD to treat his depression. In this state he told authorities his “true personality woke up.”

He travelled 25 kilometres in eight kilometres along the Czech-Polish border, in a forested area.Through his travels, he was captured in one of the cameras.

He was not charged with any crimes as police didn’t find any drugs on him (repeat: he was naked).

The man/tiger was fined.

h/t: Metro UK

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