Meatless Monday: Palm Beach County commissioner reject symbolic proclamation

Citing their need for meat 7 days a week, a majority of Palm Beach County commissioners are rejecting a proclamation to declare the county should go Meatless Monday.

Four of the seven members say they plan to vote against the proclamation which dims the chances of the symbolic measure passing, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

County Commissioner Steven Abrams issued a sizzling criticism of the proclamation, and at least three other commissioners have joined him in refusing to sign it.

“The public doesn’t need the County Commission to tell them when and what to eat,” Abrams said. “Our constituents are smart enough to decide on their own.”

He added the proclamation would hurt the struggling cattle industry and spark concerns from the Palm Beach County Cattlemen’s Association.

Commissioners Melissa McKinlay, Priscilla Taylor and Hal Valeche joined Abrams in not signing, according to a survey of commissioners or their staff.

Commissioner Paulette Burdick, who sponsored the proclamation, said she has been a vegetarian for more than 40 years, and her constituents love the idea of meatless Monday.

“It will hopefully have an impact on health and wellness, which is critically important,” Burdick said. “The cost of health care is not sustainable. We have to take personal responsibility for our health by eating well and exercising each and every day.”

Abrams quipped that while he may reject Meatless Monday, he’s fully supportive of “ice cream Sundays.”

The proclamation is on the commission’s Tuesday agenda.

h/t: Sun-Sentinel 

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