Meet world’s laziest dog walker

Jim Wheat, an artist based in Dubai, snapped this amazing photo of a dog being taken for a walk from the owner’s car.

Too hot for the dog owner, but not to hot for the dog, it seems. Or, was this just the case of an unbelievably lazy dog owner?


Wheat couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I had to look twice,” he wrote on Twitter. “Dog ‘walkers’ doing laps of the car park with their dog on a lead behind pet zone! Smart, lazy.”

Then, 7 Days in Dubai picked up the story and ran it with the headline, “Driver walks dog in Dubai — without getting out his car.”

Wheat told the publication the driver did a few laps at around 5 kilometres/hour. Then the dog hopped in and they were gone. Wheat, who was painting nearby at the time, said he was mid-masterpiece and didn’t intervene. To dog, he said, looked to be enjoying itself.

In any event, the walk didn’t last long. Still, reaction was swift – and negative. Mostly from those pointing to the laziness of Dubai residents.

But Wheat is being a bit more forgiving. He took to Twitter to defend the still unidentified driver.

“Everyone assumes the driver / owner is healthy, able bodied & being lazy! Could be more behind this. …?”

We may yet find out: 7Days is busy trying to track down the driver.

Photo Jim Wheat/Twitter

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