Mysterious hairless animal found in Florida hiding under a car

A mystery animal found hiding under a car in Orlando, Florida trying to stay warm last week has been identified after days of uncertainty as a hairless raccoon.

The female raccoon likely has a genetic defect or alopecia. She was found huddled under a car and was trapped and brought in to the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge where staff have been caring for the critter.

Initially staff thought it was a chucpacabra. The frightened critter is scared and weak but staff at the refuge say she’s very sweet.

She’s had a rough few days and her health has dwindled. She is now with our vet receiving extra care. We will have a costly bill after all is said and done, but for this poor creature, it’s worth it. Please donate if you can!!! We hope to give you positive results in the next few days! 🙏🏻🤞❤️

The veterinary staff have concluded she does not have mange but her health is declining.

Under some sedation, but also not in good health, our sweet girl is fighting (and hard) for her life. We’re doing all we can for her, and then some!

Fight for your life, little one. This photo posted by the refuge is heartbreaking.

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