New York’s famous subway artist sketches portrait of city’s famous subway dog

Devon Rodriguez is a New York City artist with a particular knack for his incredibly realistic-looking sketches of people he sees on the subway.

This week, he unknowingly turned his attention to a dog, who who has become a local — and internet celebrity — basically for being a regular rider on the MTA.

Behold, Maxine the Fluffy Corgi as drawn by Rodriguez in all their underground glory.

“I just drew the famous subway dog!” Rodriguez shared on Instagram, which promptly attracted hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

It is truly bow wow.

What’s not to love?

An artist with 3.3 million Instagram followers who rode to fame for sketching strangers on the subway coincidentally finds himself sitting across from a Corgi with six years of subway travel under her short legs and some 870,000 followers on the platform.

Maxine, in fact, is the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s new poster dog for dogs riding the subway.

Maxine’s owner, Bryan Reisberg, who is also behind a dog-specific backpack, couldn’t believe his eyes when Rodriguez handed him the artwork this week.

“Whoa! You drew this just now?” he says. “Oh my God. Look at this thing.”

And, then he shows it to Maxine, who is peers inquisitively over his shoulder.

We may never know for sure, but it appears Maxine gave the sketch four paws up.

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