Paris Hilton’s new man is a dog and he’s “Mr. Amazing”

Warning: A new trend in purse-sized – or rather pocket-sized – dogs is coming your way. At least, that’s if the Paris Hilton celebutante seal of approval gathers steams.

“Mr. Amazing SOLD TO PARIS HILTON,” barks the website belonging to Betty’s Tea Cup Yorkies, a dog breeder in Calgary, Alberta. That’s where Hilton purchased the teeny-tiny Pomeranian for, oh, $13,000. Yes, $13,000. And yes, the dog’s name is Mr. Amazing.

The breeder, which advertises the “world’s most adorable purebred puppies,” doesn’t appear to be recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. It was advertising the wee pooch on the web, along with a gallery of omigod so-cute-I-could die photos, until recently.

“ONE IN A MILLION micro tiny little boy Mr.Amazing. He is 4.5 months old only 10 ounces he is amazing. Triple white ice coat with the flatest bear face ever !!! super short compact cob by body with the shortest little legs ever. He has big round eyes. Ones like him are very hard to find dont miss out on this amazing little boy.”

It seems Hilton couldn’t pass up the sales pitch. The breeder, Kambiz Pedram, told CTV Mr. Amazing is “super quiet and very loving.”

His wife, Joanne Pauze, told the Calgary Sun Hilton contacted her a few weeks ago via Twitter.

“She started following me and then we started talking through private messages, and then it went to e-mailing and phone calls and texting,” Pauze told the Sun.

And, Ms. Hilton finally met Mr. Amazing on Friday when a “nanny” flew with the dog from Calgary. (That’s part of the breeder’s service.) The hand off was made, fittingly, in a New York hotel room.

h/t TMZ Photo Betty’s Tea Cup Yorkies

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