Peak Canada: “Moose on the grounds” school lockdown prompts moose relocation in Alberta

They were a bit groggy at first.

But slowly, a moose cow and her two calves roused from tranquilizer darts and took their first steps in what wildlife officials hope will remain their new home far away from the city of St. Albert, Alberta.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement pulled off operation moose move this week after the trio was becoming a little too comfortable near a school.

“Over the past few weeks, Fish and Wildlife officers have received multiple reports of three moose that have been sighted along Bourdreau Rd. in St. Albert,” the province said.

On Tuesday morning, officials from the community northwest of Edmonton could no longer stand by.

That’s after the moose family was spotted hanging around École Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d’Youville.

And, school lockdowns were initiated.

City peace officers, staff and conservation officers jumped into action.

Moose mother and calves seem to be doing just fine. Photo: Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook

“[They] were able to successfully immobilize the three moose and relocate them together at a more suitable natural area outside the city,” Fish and Wildlife explained later.

Moose aren’t typically aggressive; however a moose that is stressed, or a cow moose protecting her young, may be easily provoked into an attack. Photo: Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook

Hopefully, this not-so-little moose family stays out of the city.

Bye-bye wayward moose. Photo: Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Facebook

But if these moose return — or you ever encounter one — officials offer some advice.

That includes, keeping children and animals inside until the moose has moved on and don’t try to scare off moose by yelling or throwing things.

If a moose is blocking your way, find a way around. And, if a moose charges, run away and try to find a car, tree or building to hide behind.

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