RCMP officer rescues owl hit by car in Northern Alberta

Mounties always get their man, and sometimes, their owl.

Sergeant Dean Purcka, Detachment Commander of the the Swan Hills RCMP Detachment in northern Alberta, recently rescued an owl from the side local highway.

“The owl was hit by a car and its wing was broken,” Mounties reported on social media Friday.

The owl was taken to WILDNorth, Northern Alberta Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

The group has experience treating critters of all shapes and sizes and returning them to the wild.

And everyone is rooting for the owl — and thanking the officer.

Judy Allison posted on the RCMP Facebook page: “Amazing! Sgt. Purcka, thank you for going above and beyond in rescuing the owl! We are proud to live in a community where people like you care about our wildlife!”

So did, Lynne Snyder Smith: “Thank you Sgt. What a beautiful bird.”

Photo RCMP Alberta/Twitter/Facebook

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