Rescue dog Kratu “rocked Crufts” by being truly terrible at agility

Stick-stealing, rule-breaking rescue dog Kratu won over the crowds at the Crufts dog show.

While other dogs went through the paces of the agility course at the UK Kennel Club’s prestigious event, Kratu was having none of it. He refused to leave tunnels and jump over jumps.

But he definitely stole the show — by avoiding most of the obstacles.

“Oh excuse me,” one announcer told the camera as Kratu grabbed a pole meant to jump over, not fetch.

“Now that’s definitely against the rules. I promise you because I’m a judge you know. That is against the rules,” he added, laughing.

“It has to be a few faults, that,” the other commentator replied. “That’s the first I’ve seen a dog actually take a chunk out of an obstacle.”

“What a rascal. Absolute rascal.”

“Rescue dog Kratu is back on the main arena at Crufts 2020 and is more hilarious than ever!” dog show explained later.

This was Kratu’s third straight year at the show.

Kratu, a Carpathian-Mioritic mix, was rescued as a weeks-old puppy from a abusive home.

He now lives in Cambridge with owner Tessa-Eagle Swan — and is a world-famous spokesdog for adoption and rescue pets.

If you really want to see how it’s supposed to be done, watch Willow go through the paces at Crufts.

Kratu is totally down with his status.

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