Skiers admire — and dodge — deer at Nakiska Ski Resort

It turns out, deers like skiing, too.

On a quiet Friday at Nakiska Ski Resort in Alberta, skiers and snowboarders were treated to repeated runs by a herd of five mule deers.

People mostly stopped to admire the lift ticket poachers, but some ended up dodging them.

The deers hung around for a few laps, before galloping off to a safer spot. Then they wandering up the hill to graze on grass still poking through the snow on a closed run.

Not to worry. Nobody — and no deer — was hurt.

A variety of wildlife has been spotted by lucky visitors and staff over the years. Wolves, lynx, red foxes, bighorn sheep and deers all make their habitat on the hill, which is located in Kananaskis Country, a provincial park.

Oh dear, indeed.

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