Speaking out against the Muslim ban because she can: The Bronx Zoo Cobra

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Even critters are rising up to voice their opposition to President Donald Trump’s decision to close the borders to Muslims seeking a new life in the United States.

The Egyptian cobra at the zoo, aka the Bronx Zoo Cobra, sent out two tweets:

The cobra is infamous for going missing back in 2011 when she slipped away from the zoo’s Reptile House.

The two-foot-long snake, weighing about three ounces and believed to be several months old, was found coiled in a secluded dark corner went AWOL and hiding out in a labyrinth of pipes.

After being found, her fake Twitter feed started @BronxZoosCobra.

The Bronx Zoo’s Cobra has 192K followers has let it be known before she’s not exactly a Trump fan.

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