Stressed over the impeachment trial? Therapy dogs are on the job

Pet Partners and #PIJAC hosted a non-“pawtisan” event, Meet the Pets, on Capitol Hill the first day of the televised hearings of the impeachment trial.

Congressional staffers and representatives were invited to de-stress next to some adorable therapy dogs amid the impeachment trial.

Therapy dogs Lola, Zamboni and Spumoni were around to help soothe stressed out staffers on Capitol Hill.

The pups came to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, courtesy of Pet Partners and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, to spread some positive vibes among the two-leggers. The timing of the dogs’ appearance couldn’t have been more opportune as the House Intelligence Committee began its first public hearing on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

This was a happy accident, to be honest,” PIJAC President Mike Bober told HOH. “We had scheduled this event months in advance.”

So even as the Longworth Building hallway outside the Ways and Means Committee room swarmed with reporters, TV cameras, Capitol Hill police, staff, interns and spectators, one could walk over to the Rayburn Building for a pet therapy reprieve from the chaos.


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