Strike for workers at world’s largest donkey sanctuary

Workers at the world’s largest donkey and mule charity based in Ireland are going on strike.

Staff at the Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll, Co Cork learned earlier this year that 16 welfare staff will be made redundant after a review and restructuring of the Charity’s welfare operations in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Organiser Eddie Mullins told the Irish Independent he believes the redundancies are avoidable, and that the charity has not been open in its negotiations with workers.

People don’t know what went on. There’s no transparency. The redundancies are avoidable. If 16 people around the country are doing a job, how can it be done by four?”

Management released a statement saying the redundancies were unavoidable an encouraged the laid off staff to find jobs in other vacancies at the charity.

Since 1926, the sanctuary has rescued and homed more than 3,654 donkeys including Nollaig, who was found five days before Christmas.

Nollaig, which means Christmas, was found tucked away in a corner of a wet muddy field on a farm. His brays were a cry for help after he was left forgotten and forced to fend for himself.

He was found with painfully long hooves and exposed patches of skin. Donkey don’t have waterproof coats and being abandoned to the elements with no access to shelter, poor Nollaig had suffered the scalding effects of wind and rain.

An infestation of lice had added to his discomfort, causing him to scratch himself raw. His slow recovery is pretty awesome to watch. See the video below.


h/t: Irish Independent

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